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Here are the products I most often recommend to my clients… click on any product to get additional information and buy! View all products on this page or view them by category by clicking on the links below:

Training Essentials

6×1 Leather Leash

My favorite training leash… a 6 foot long, 1 inch wide leather leash at a great price. I recommend it for dogs 25 lbs. and up. These things last forever… 20-something years later, I still have the first one I ever bought!

1/2 Inch Leather Leash

This 6 foot long, 1/2 inch wide leather leash is the perfect training leash for dogs from 6 – 25 lbs.

Nylon Leash

Leather training leashes can be too heavy for tiny dogs, so if your pup is under 6 lbs. this 6 foot by 3/8 inch nylon leash is the best choice.

5/8 Inch Long Line

Using a long training line is a great way to transition from working your dog on-leash to off-leash work. Get the 5/8 inch width for dogs over 25 lbs or the 1/2 inch width for dogs between 12 and 25 lbs. For dogs under 12 lbs, I recommend buying some light cord and making your own!

1/2 Inch Long Line

Another good option for smaller dogs.

Training Treat Roll

Slices of these rolls make the best training treats ever! Dogs love them, they’re easy to use and their limited ingredient recipe rarely causes tummy trouble. Be sure to refrigerate after opening!

Soft Jerky Treats

If you need treats that don’t require refrigeration, these soft jerky strips are great! Available in chicken, duck or salmon, so they may also be a good choice if your dog is on a limited ingredient diet.

Midwest Dog Bed

This cozy dog bed with a washable cover is a solid choice if you’re looking for a reasonably priced dog bed! Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Washable Dog Bed

This fully washable dog bed comes in two pieces that can be tossed in the washer – so it stays clean and stink-free inside and out, even if your puppy or senior dog has accidents on it!

Bowsers Dog Bed

This is one of my favorite dog beds… it’s super comfy for your dog and comes in multiple sizes and about a zillion attractive fabric options to match your decor!

Tuff Dog Bed

If your dog is a bed-chewer, you might want to try a Tuff bed… but remember, they’re LESS destructible, not NON destructible, so if you have a real destructo-dog, you may not want to leave her unsupervised with any dog bed!

Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda beds are great, chew-resistant dog beds for indoor or outdoor use. They’re especially good for dogs who get hot easily and don’t enjoy warm, cuddly dog beds!

collar image  
Coolaroo Dog Bed

Coolaroo beds are a good, inexpensive choice for indoor or outdoor use.

If I’ve recommended that you get a training collar for your dog, click here to view options!

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Crates and Confinement

MidWest Life Stages Crate

This all-purpose crate is a practical choice for young puppies, since it comes with a divider that allows you to expand the crate as your puppy grows so it’s always just the right size.

Outdoor Dog Run

This dog run is a safe outdoor hangout for dogs who don’t have fenced yards or who aren’t ready to have unsupervised access to the whole yard. Remember to be sure your dog has some shade and a water bowl!

Midwest Exercise Pen

This exercise pen has a walk-through gate and comes in several heights (if your dog’s a climber, get a tall one!). Can be used in multiple configurations as a pen or room divider, or be connected to a second pen to create a large play area.

Vari-Kennel Crate

These sturdy Vari-Kennel plastic crates are ideal for dogs that like a cozy place to hang out. You can use them for travel, too, so they’re perfect for pups who want to join you when you go on vacation!

Heavy-Duty Crate

If your dog is an escape artist or a crate-destroyer, this heavy-duty crate (described by the manufacturer as “virtually indestructible”!) is a good option for containing powerful or destructive dogs


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ID Tag

I recommend that all dogs wear a buckle collar with ID tag at all times, even if they’re microchipped!

Car Barrier

I’ve tried every car barrier known to man, and this one is my favorite by far… easy to install/remove and super-sturdy!!


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Housebreaking Supplies

Fresh ‘N Clean Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

A good odor neutralizer is a must-have during housebreaking, but you should also have some even if your dog is fully trained, since you never know when an upset tummy might lead to a diarrhea or vomiting incident in the house… this one’s my current favorite!

Yard Odor Eliminator

The downside to a perfectly housebroken dog is that you may have a perfectly stinky yard! This outdoor odor neutralizer really helps to reduce odors on lawns, patios, driveways and other outdoor surfaces with stink issues.

Porch Potty

The Porch Potty is a nice-looking potty area for indoor or outdoor use. It’s a nice size for bigger dogs, but I recommend it for smaller dogs, too, if you have the space. Can be used with the included fake grass, or even better, replacement REAL grass… or sod from the home-improvement store!

Potty Pads

Wee-Wee Pads are basic potty pads for puppies or smaller dogs. The built-in attractant scent will help your pup figure out what the pads are for!

XL Potty Pads

These BIG potty pads are essential if you’re pad training a larger dog, but they’re also nice for smaller dogs, since they give them more room to sniff around and choose a spot and the pads won’t get “full” as quickly!

Crate Tray

These trays are the perfect thing to lay your potty pads on. They keep urine from soaking through the pads onto the floor, and the low edge will help your dog to distinguish the potty area from the floor, preventing “oopsies” near the pad.

Potty Bells

Poochie Bells are the perfect solution if you want to train your dog to let you know when he needs to go outside. Hang them on the doorknob or a hook next to the door and with a little bit of training, your dog can let you know when he needs to go!


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Toys and Chews

Bully Sticks

If you’re looking for a tasty, long-lasting chew for your dog, Bully Sticks fit the bill – and these multi-packs are a great deal!

Compressed Rawhide Bones

Compressed Rawhides are great chews that dogs really enjoy! These dense, hard chews last longer than regular rawhides. Several size options available.

Himalayan Chews

Chews made our of yak milk may sound weird, but dogs tell me they’re GREAT! These surprisingly long-lasting chew bones are the perfect choice for keeping your pup happy and busy!

Pig Ears

OK, I admit it… pig ears kinda gross me out. Still have to recommend them, though, since every dog I’ve ever met totally disagrees with me. They REALLY love ‘em!

Chew Hooves

Another chew that may be a bit alarming to look at, but dogs sure dig them!

Bite Wedge

Take your tug-o-war game to the next level… this bite wedge is super-comfy to hold and your dog will love it!

Kong Toy

Dogs love to chase and play with Kong toys, but they’re even better when you stuff them with something yummy like canned dog food or KONG Stuff’N

Dura Chew

This hollow bacon-flavored Dura-Chew toy will make your dog very happy… especially if you fill it with something like peanut butter or KONG Stuff’N! Yum!!

Jolly Ball with Handle

This Jolly Ball’s handle makes it easy to throw and fun to tug, but if your dog tends to EAT his dog toys, it’s probably best to buy the Jolly Ball without the handle, since the handle is pretty easy to nibble off!

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Problem Solvers

Indoor Barrier System

This indoor barrier system is great for keeping your dog out of forbidden areas, but I recommend you use it only for areas that will be permanently forbidden, not for areas you’ll allow him in once he’s trained. A puppy gate is a better option to temporarily keep him out.

Pet Corrector Spray

The Pet Corrector makes a loud, unpleasant hissing sound that will allow you to humanely and effectively correct specific behavior problems. It’s not an appropriate correction for all issues, so talk to me before you use it!

Leaks No More

All-Natural Leaks No More is a miracle supplement for dogs with incontinence issues – and it works for many dogs with submissive/excited urination issues, too!


The Thundershirt reduces anxiety/fearfulness for many dogs. It’s a big help for dogs who experience crate anxiety, carsickness, fear of fireworks or thunderstorms or other anxiety issues. Proper fit is important, so measure, don’t guess!


Don’t be alarmed if your dog is eating his poo – this issue can be easily resolved with most dogs by adding Forbid powder to their meals!

Scat Mat

Scat Mats are helpful for keeping dogs away from forbidden areas and objects. Great for teaching your dog to stay off the furniture and countertops!

Go Slow Bowl

A Go Slow Dog Bowl will slow down speedy eaters, which can help to prevent gas and vomiting!


This is a miracle product for dogs that struggle with ear infections or dirty, mucky ears!

Nupro Supplement

I’m typically a bit dubious about supplements, but I’ve seen amazing changes in my clients’ dogs (Less shedding and soft, shiny coats!!) when they use Nupro. My dogs take it, too, of course!

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Other Recommended Products

Fresh’n Clean Shampoo

This shampoo has a surprisingly long-lasting pleasant scent. It’s the only shampoo I’ve used on my dogs for the past 25 years… because it’s the BEST!!

Fresh’n Clean Cologne

If you dig the smell of Fresh’n Clean shampoo, get this spray to keep your pup smelling yummy between baths!

Doggie Wipes

Doggie wipes are great for quick touch ups between baths and for wiping down dirty dogs after outdoor play.

Furminator De-Shedding Tool

If your dog has a thick, heavy-shedding coat, you need a Furminator… it’s waaaay more effective than a regular dog brush!

Shed Blade

My second favorite brush after the Furminator for heavy shedders… I use BOTH on my super-sheddy Shepherds! Be sure to use this one outdoors, because the fur will definitely be flying!

Gentle Slicker Brush

This is my favorite brush type for little fluffies… be sure to get a “gentle” or “soft” slicker, since a regular slicker brush can be too harsh, especially if your pup is sensitive or fearful about grooming.

Zoom Groom

The Zoom Groom is great for grooming breeds with super-short coats like Dobermans or Dalmatians!


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