Programs and Pricing

My dog training programs are designed to help you and your dog to communicate with one another… finally, you’ll be speaking a language you BOTH understand! I use obedience training and behavior problem solving techniques to create a happy, confident well-behaved dog. And a happy, confident, well-behaved owner! My training techniques are humane, effective and results-oriented to help you solve your dog’s training problems quickly.

All family members are encouraged to participate in my dog training programs. Kids are welcome… they’ll be assigned special training tasks based on their age, abilities and level of interest.

If you have any questions about the training programs, or if you’d like to set up a free evaluation of your dog, please contact me.

Private Lessons

Weekly sessions in your home or the location of your choice. Where does your dog misbehave? In the house, the yard, the car, on his walks around the neighborhood? Then that’s where we’ll have his lessons. Your dog learns obedience commands, and you learn to polish and reinforce those commands to create a reliably obedient dog. Private lessons are great, because they allow us to focus on your dog’s specific training needs and keep you involved in all of the training.

You must do your homework (a few 5-10 minute sessions daily, no big deal!) during the course of training and for several weeks after your private training program ends. Somewhere between five and fifteen lessons usually does the trick, at a cost ranging from $750 to $1,950. Smaller and larger lesson packages are available for special cases. Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments are available.

Intensive Training Programs

If you have limited time to work with your dog, or you want training to progress at a faster pace, intensive in-home programs are the way to go. Intensive programs may focus on basic obedience training or quickly resolving your dog’s behavior problems.

The first several sessions are done on consecutive days, with just your dog and me. Once your dog has a basic understanding of the exercises, weekly sessions will teach you to handle your dog and train him to a more advanced level. The number of sessions needed is determined during the free evaluation… usually between ten and twenty lessons at a cost of $1,350 to $2,550.

What Your Dog Will Learn

Dog training programs include on-leash and off-leash obedience training, which teach:

  • sit and sit-stay
  • down and down-stay
  • no-pulling on the leash and heeling
  • coming when called (recalls)
  • go to place (your dog’s bed)

Programs also cover manners and behavior problems, including:

  • housebreaking and paper-training
  • excessive barking
  • jumping up and door manners
  • destructive behavior, chewing and digging
  • play biting
  • running away
  • …and more!