Los Angeles Dog Training Evaluations

Ready to get the ball rolling? There are two ways to get started. The first option is to set up an evaluation session. The evaluation is a free, in-home visit during which I will interview you about your dog’s background and behavior and we’ll discuss which kind of dog training program will be the
most effective for you and your dog.

There is no charge for this initial 30 minute consultation, but please note that it is not a training session. The purpose of the evaluation is to allow me to observe your dog and get background information and to allow you to meet me and ask questions about which training program is most appropriate for your dog’s temperament and behavioral situation.

If you’re anxious to get started or if you’re sure you want to sign up for one of my dog training programs, the other option for getting started is to jump right in and schedule your first lesson. If you choose to do this, we can get started on resolving your dog’s issues right away. Plan to spend about 90 minutes with me in your first lesson if you choose this option, since we’ll need a bit of extra time to chat so I can get the scoop on your pup before we get down to business!

Before setting up your first session, please take a look at my Los Angeles Dog Training Programs and Prices page to familiarize yourself with the dog training programs I offer. Before your session, you may also find it helpful to make a list of questions, concerns, training goals and/or specific incidents you’d like to discuss so we can make sure to talk about all of your concerns.

Contact me to get started! I’m looking forward to meeting you and your dog… and starting you on your path to a new, improved dog!